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Living on Vacation

I’m absolutely certain that God is the God of great vacations!  My family and I just got the opportunity to take a great vacation, and I got to thinking about what makes a great vacation.  Think about it, is a great vacation marked by how much you spend for the vacation? Is a great vacation all about the location you select to visit?  What exactly makes a great vacation?

You know, I think that while location and budget are certainly factors of a great vacation, they are just a means to an end.  I really believe that great vacations are made great by the results of our time spent on vacation.  Great vacations should leave you refreshed, rested and re-invigorated.

vacation: a period of exemption from work

Think about it this way, have you ever needed a “vacation” from your vacation?  See, even after picking a great vacation spot, sometimes vacations just don’t yield the results we’d like them to, because sometimes, even on our vacation time, the time that we’re supposed to be resting and recovering, we still find a way do so much work!

You know sometimes a good vacation isn’t just a break from work, but it’s break for our soul.  Sometimes our mind and emotions need to rest as much as our bodies do.  Aren’t you so glad that Jesus came to give us the rest we truly needed?  He came to give us rest for our souls!


Vacation isn’t just a destination or the booking of flights, vacation is a state of living.  I believe that an element of the abundant life that Jesus came to give us is the fact that we are to live in a place of rest, not just while we’re “on vacation”, but in our everyday lives.
In Matthew 11, the original language for rest carries with it these attributes,
• relief
• peace
• refreshing
Essentially, our lives in Jesus are lives that have been relieved from having to work to be accepted by God.  We now have peace knowing that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus, and our everyday life is refreshed by the Word of God and the presence of God’s grace in all we do.  Jesus called us to a life exempt from works, and invites us to live on vacation with Him.  Our lives being refreshed and set at peace, every single day.
So maybe you already used your vacation days at work, but you can choose to live on vacation in Jesus today.  Let His grace, mercy and love refresh you today, and choose to live in His peace!
Live Extraordinarily!