Our Mission

We believe in the power of community. One person can meet a need, but a multitude can help a city. We want to connect you with people who share the same desire, same hope and the same drive to affect our city for Christ. Network helps you in the 3 following areas:

Grow Spiritually

Food trucks, music, lip sync battles and charades! It doesn’t sound like church, but it is! We meet up once a month for a Bible study with Pastor Jared Nieman where we gain a more in-depth understanding of God’s Word and His promises for your life. Afterwards, meet some great people your age who have the same passion and love for Christ. Whether you’re married, single, or just started your college career, we have different activities to help you meet new people and grow in the Word of God

Childcare is provided for ages 0-10

Make New Friends

El Paso is a great city with a lot to do! Join us during our “Epic Weekends” usually filled with different activities like watching movies, flag football, sand volleyball, eating good food or visiting the local music and art scene.Throughout the month we schedule different events to help you connect and meet new people. Ever been snow tubing in Ruidoso, NM? We have! Stay connected through our social media to get updates on our events or subscribe to get updates through text.

Love Our City

We create opportunities to show God’s love through our acts of kindness in the community. If you like to help others, if you want to do something bigger than yourself, if you are tired of sitting around and watching others in need, join the Network! Our heart is to reach out to those that society labels as “untouchable” and show them the unfailing love of our God… Our God who loves unconditionally, and who never walks out on us!

"If you have a BIG vision, don't be afraid, you serve a BIG God. The Bible tells us that God wants to do something bigger than you can Ask, Dream or even Imagine through you."
- @jarednieman

How do we let the future begin?

1. Have a VISION for your life - if you don't have one ask God to give you one and don't be afraid if it's a big vision.

2. Know what your VALUES are - determine what you take seriously above everything else. I.e. Faithfulness. When you define your values you define the boundaries of your life.

3. Choose your people WISELY - guard who you allow into your life, and just as importantly guard who you allow to speak into your life. Are your friends and the voices speaking to you in line with the vision you have for your life. Don't be a dream crusher and don't hang out with dream crushers.

4. Radical ACCOUNTABILITY - you need someone to be able to call you out good and bad. You also need to be self accountable because no one can walk with you 24/7. Having a lack of accountability will undoubtedly result in stagnation. You MUST ASK YOURSELF, what did I do right, what did I do wrong, what can I do better?

5. OBEY GOD - leave behind your days of selective Christianity. You never lose the grace of God on your life but there are consequences to your obedience.

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